Paris Hilton earned approx. $7 million in 2005

August 9, 2006

According to the heiress earned a lousy $7 million in 2005. Thought she would have earned much more.

Paris Hilton fortune

“The celebutante has amassed her personal fortune mainly through licensing deals. Her name is attached to a perfume, watches, nightclubs and a new videogame.

The “That’s hot!” heiress is a master of the photo opportunity, grabbing countless press mentions thanks to a slew of high-profile flings, fallings-out (most recently with Lindsay Lohan) and fashion hits and misses.

She boasts the most Web hits of anyone else on the Forbes Celebrity 100, although she’s also the only lister with her own highly publicized (and downloadable) porn tape.”



Lindsay Lohan and the Chateau Marmont bill

August 9, 2006

Lindsay Lohan racked up a massive $1 Mio. bill while staying at Hollywood’s most expensive hotel. The 20-year-old star reserved a luxurious bungalow at the Chateau Marmont Hotel – for most of last year. But after splashing out to reserve the suite it appears Lindsay barely even visited Los Angeles in 2005.

A source said: “She tries to keep the bungalow reserved on the off chance she’ll pop into LA. But it’s a real waste of time and money.”

Her accountants were furious when the actress handed them her bills and appeared unaware of how much money she was spending.

Another source revealed: “Her accountants were disgusted because she didn’t realize she’d racked up such a huge bill.”

Lindsay Lohan bill

Beverly Park, Los Angeles

July 22, 2006

Beverly Park

A few days ago I found a very posh area in Los Angeles while surfing on Google Earth. First I had no idea which area in L.A. it could be, but according to this article on Forbes it’s “Beverly Park”, an exclusive, gated community for the very very upperclass. It’s the highest accumulation of mega swimming pools and tennis courts I’ve ever seen.

People like Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington and Haim Saban have an estate their.

Google Earth link: Beverly_Park.kmz

Beverly Park

Beverly Park

Holiday on Gran Canaria in September

July 22, 2006

OK, my eBay auction failed. There where zero bids when the auction ended…

I got a little depressed and decided to take a vacation on Gran Canaria for the second time in my life. I’ll stay in a nice bungalow with bedroom and balcony on the first floor for 2 weeks just for me. ­čÖé

The coolest thing on Gran Canaria are the dunes located direct at the beach in Maspalomas:

Maspalomas dunes

Maspalomas dunes

The bungalow complex is called “Vistaflor”:




Win a charity dinner with me

July 7, 2006

In the style of the Warren Buffett Power Lunch I’m selling a charity dinner with myself!

50% of the proceeds from the winning bid will benefit a non-profit charity organisation.


> View the auction details on eBay

Your own Marlboro Country for $110,000,000.00

July 6, 2006

Rancho El Cojo

The most expensive property on Sotheby’s in California these days is the Rancho El Cojo in Santa Barbara.

The ranch includes nine miles of pristine ocean coastline, sandy beaches with sea lion haul-out areas and a working cattle ranch since the early 1900’s.

Amazing! $110 Mio. for a piece of land. I’m wondering if this property will ever be sold at Sotheby’s and keep an eye on it!

(All images from Sotheby’s International Realty┬«)



Warren Buffett power lunch sells for $620,100.00

July 6, 2006

Bids on lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett finished with a record price of $620,100.00 on eBay. The winner of the auction is an ebay member with an username of “fastisslow”.
Money raised by the auction benefits the San Francisco-based Glide Foundation, which helps the poor and the homeless.

Yongping Duan, the man behind “fastisslow”, obviously considers it money well spent. The Californian was ahead of the pack when the hammer went down on the auction of lunch with Warren Buffett. He topped the bid from magicyourlife and will now get to take himself and seven friends to meet the legendary investor, or world’s greatest philanthropist, depending on how you view him.